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The Lake Keepit Sailing Club was formed in 1960, not long after the dam was completed.  Some like-minded individuals with a passion for sailing got together to see if an inland sailing club could be accomplished.  With wise foresight and some brilliant design the Lake Keepit Sailing Club was planned and instigated, then after a few years of competition the Clubhouse was erected.

A large number of volunteer man hours went into the building of the Lake Keepit Sailing Clubhouse, and the many visitors agree that it is a magnificent structure that not only complements the State park, but serves the community with a sporting organization that has enabled people to benefit widely throughout our local area and worldwide.  Quite often when one is travelling you hear people comment: ‘Yes, Lake Keepit, I’ve sailed there. It’s a great spot’.


The clubhouse is on land within the Lake Keepit State Park.  An area of close to one hectare is leased from the State Park in which the Clubhouse is situated.  Access to Lake Keepit Sailing Club is via a low road below the grassed picnic and barbeque area and a high road above the grassed area.  The building is a three-deck A‑frame structure.  The bottom deck is the foundation and houses the Club’s power boat and provides boat storage.  The middle deck has male amenities, a barbeque area and more boat storage.  The top deck includes a kitchen, office, female amenities and an entertainment/members area which opens onto an L‑shaped balcony.  The balcony commands an expansive view of the lake that is all important for safety reasons when conducting the sporting events during the sailing season from September through to June each year.  The White House, a modern personal care facility, was built by club volunteers in 2009.


The rigging area has plenty of space for boats, and the lawns provide an area to make camp.


A mobile pontoon was built by club volunteers and commissioned at the 2007 Christmas Party.  It makes embarking and disembarking boats so easy for everyone.  It provides a great platform for those sailing our radio controlled yachts.


Lake Keepit Sailing Club is ideal for conducting seminars, conferences, conventions, meetings, training sessions, or staff/professional development activities.

The Club has:

  • modern kitchen facilities
  • disability access
  • disability facilities

The Club is equipped with:

  • wide screen television
  • DVD
  • data projector
  • amplifiers.

For bookings and further information contact the Commodore, Tim Corben 0497026233 or email lakekeepitsailing@gmail.com

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